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Carbide Ball Nose End Mills


GEX Carbide Ball Nose End Mills

GEX carbide ball nose end mills is an economical cutting tools, adopted AITIN-L coating (black color), has 2um coating thickness, HV3000 micro hardness, 0.35 coefficient of friction, strong universal property and good wear-resisting property, the maximum working temperature can reach at 800 celsius.

What is the coating ?

Coating TypeColorMicro Hardness (HV0.05)Coating Thickness (um)Friction CoefficientHighest Working Temperature (Celsius)
TINGolden Yellow24001~70.35600
ACODark Grey44000.5~40.31100

How is the coating performance ?

Coating TypePropertiesApplications
TiNExcellent adhesion and fine surface finishApplied to forming plastic injection molding, metal stamping, wear resistant coatings for machine components, No affection no original surface finish and suitable for mirror coating
TiCNWear-resisitant, low friction coeffcientApplied to milling, press forming, tapping, injection molding and interrupted cutting
TiCN-MPExcellent adhesion, excellent roughness,wear-resistantApplied to interrupted cutting, milling, tapping, forming and stamping
TiAINHigh temperature resistance,wear resistant,excellent toughness and hardness,excellent adhesionApplied to drilling, turning, high speed cutting,injection mold with glass fiber added
CrNExcellent surface finish, strong self-lubricating,wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant,oxidation-resistant, excellent adhesionApplied to copper tool, injection molding, corrosive plastic, components like mechanical axis, pin, can be performed with low temperature coating
ACOHigh temperature resistant, oxidation-resistant, strong abrasive resistantApplied to abrasive material above HRC55, especially applicable for high speed cutting and dry cutting which is dominant in tungsten carbide high speed drill
MDTExcellent toughness, high micro hardnessIdeal coating for turning, drilling, milling and punching which is applicable for dry and wet high speed cutting
ATNExcellent surface finish, high hardness, anti-sticking, low coefficient of frictionSuitable for machining stainless steel, Ti-alloy and tool steel
TiCrNEasy-demold, low adhering, high wear-resistance,corrosion-resistantApplied to injection mold, punching die, components and injection mold with glass fiber added
AICrN-SGood for mould release, high wear resistance, corrosion resistanceApplied to plastic injection moulding to solve the problem of wear (e.g. glass fiber additive), corrosion and sticking
TMACExcellent heat temperature, oxidation resistance, high tenacity, wear-resistantApplied to gaer hobs, punches, punchin die, drill , insert and mirror surface stainless steel which is widely used in cutting, punchin and AI die-casting
ACSAnti corrosion, anti-solderingSuitable for ZiNC and aluminum die , casting die, to solve the problem fo errosion, corrosion and soldering
DLCLow friction cofficient, excellen adhesion, high lubricationApplied to coating of mold, parts and medical device, expecially applicable for slide and nonferrous metal
Ta-CHigh Hardness, excellent toughness, good lubricationApplied to coating on tungsten carbide , Ta-c is widely used for cutting tools such as milling tool, micro drill and stamping die for processing non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum
NF1Coating without Ti and CrApplied to plastic injection mold and silicon mold on anti-plastic sticking and also on aluminum copper and Titanum molding and its components
nA-BuHigh thermal performance, high hardnessSuitable for hard cutting, suitable for high requirements and general cutting conditions, apperance can be painted decorative blue

What is the standard size ?

Product CodeRadiu (R)Diameter (D)Cutting Length (H)Overall Length (L)Shank (d)
GEXB2F030100500.501.0 2.0 503
GEXB2F030150500.751.5 3.0 503
GEXB2F030200501.002.0 4.0 503
GEXB2F030250501.252.5 5.0 503
GEXB2F030300501.503.0 6.0 503
GEXB2F040100500.501.0 2.0 504
GEXB2F040150500.751.5 3.0 504
GEXB2F040200501.002.0 4.0 504
GEXB2F040250501.252.5 5.0 504
GEXB2F040300501.503.0 6.0 504
GEXB2F040350501.753.5 7.0 504
GEXB2F040400502.004.0 8.0 504
GEXB2F060100500.501.0 2.0 506
GEXB2F060150500.751.5 3.0 506
GEXB2F060200501.002.0 4.0 506
GEXB2F060250501.252.5 5.0 506
GEXB2F060300501.503.0 6.0 506
GEXB2F060350501.753.5 7.0 506
GEXB2F060400502.004.0 8.0 506
GEXB2F060450502.254.5 9.0 506
GEXB2F060500502.505.0 10.0 506
GEXB2F060550502.755.5 11.0 506
GEXB2F060600503.006.0 12.0 506
GEXB2F080650603.256.5 13.0 608
GEXB2F080700603.507.0 14.0 608
GEXB2F080750603.757.5 15.0 608
GEXB2F080800604.008.0 16.0 608
GEXB2F100900754.509.0 18.0 7510
GEXB2F101000755.0010.0 20.0 7510
GEXB2F121200756.0012.0 25.0 7512
GEXB2F141401007.0014.0 40.0 10014
GEXB2F161601008.0016.0 40.0 10016
GEXB2F181801009.0018.0 40.0 10018
GEXB2F2020010010.0020.0 40.0 10020
GEXB2F2525010012.5025.0 40.0 10025

What is the tolerance ?

Cutting DiameterCutting Blade ToleranceShank Tolerance

What is the suitable machining material ?

Carbon SteelAlloy SteelCast IronCopper Alloy


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